How to decorate outsides

5 Rules for outside decorating

1. Use an angle grinder to open up all cracks before filling. The filler will last much longer. But make sure you always use protective glasses with them.

2. Use Toupret exterior masonry filler as your filler. It is what anyone who knows what they are doing will use.

3. If wood is very rotten have it replaced. Filling large sections of wood will never last.

4. Use the Dulux Weathershield system to decorate wood. Got to their website to read up on it.

5. I don’t really believe that it matters so much which masonry paint you use. I usually use Dulux Weathershield masonry paint but I’m sure that Sandtex know what they are doing.

6. Use Hammerite on metal. it doesn’t come out quite as shiny as using a gloss but it protects the metal better.

7. If you are going to paint plastic paint it with masonry paint not gloss. Most instructions will say use gloss but masonry paint is far less likely to peel and crack.

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